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Green stands for places from which people are participating.

Thank you for your submissions. We are working on the video!

Global Solidarity Map
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We are happy to announce that award winning Toronto based

Riddle Films and Ben Ewing Recordings are officially joining us and will be working on this project with all their energy and love, like each one of us.

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Since many theatres are locked down until further notice, we are inviting orchestras, opera houses, and any cultural institutions that acknowledge the importance of solidarity, to support each other and be part of our Official Solidarity Supporters List:

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Our Project

Many opera houses, theatres and cultural institutions are sadly locked down until further notice. We artists and our audiences will be out of our home - the theatre - for a long time. Therefore, in order to support each other, connect and share our solidarity, we created the Musical Solidarity Project: A virtual performance of Verdi’s “Va pensiero” from Nabucco. One of the most symbolic musical pieces of hope. Each one of us makes a video, and once we have enough videos we will put them all together in a great musical video collage. 

Singers, instrumentalists, conductors, world class soloists, orchestra players, music students and even passionate amateurs, stand all together in front of the global COVID-19 crisis. 

In such challenging times it will be very strengthening for us, for our audiences, and for many other people in the world, to see that we are able to give an exceptional example of unity and hope, by breaking all the geographical, institutional and status boundaries, and by creating a unique and diverse group of people that believes in generosity and solidarity. 

Here is why we are so excited about what we are doing:

1. Uniqueness. We are creating a unique global ensemble. We are connecting musicians from all over the world that would probably never have a chance to play together without this initiative.

2. Diversity and Unity. On our team you can find top soloists, professional orchestra players, choir singers, music students, musical theatre performers and even passionate amateurs. We believe that in times of global crisis we should all stand together, like Beethoven 9th Symphony suggests.

If the challenge is global - our response should be global too. 

3. No profit. We do not pay anyone and we are not getting paid - from the top stars to the video editors. We all do this because we believe in delivering a message of unity, hope and solidarity.


How to participate?

Cultural Institutions

Send us an email with your logo.

Singers, instrumentalists and conductors

It's simple! You record yourself on video with your smartphone playing/singing your part (with the playback we recorded especially for sync) and send it to us. All orchestra and vocal parts are available here.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Download your part - click here.

*Singers - can't read music and want to join? Click here

2. Record yourself in a video on your smartphone, while listening to the playback we made especially for this project 

*It is important that you play/sing with the playback in order for us to be able to synchronize all the recordings in the final stages of editing. If you can, wear earphones to avoid feedback.

3. Send your recording through WeTransfer, Google Drive, Email, or any other way that works, to this email:

The file name you are sending should include: the part you are sending, your full name, and place of recording (city, country).

For example: "VIOLIN 2 - Maria Rossi, Rome, Itay"

Tag us on social media, we would love to feature you on our official pages! @musicalsolidarityproject

In case you do not want credit, please mention it in your submission.

If you have technical problems, just contact us!

Submissions for Và pensiero are closed. We are working on the video!

That's all! Once we receive and edit hundreds of videos we will share the final product here, on social media platforms and on YouTube.

We may be separated but we are still together, more than ever.

It is not "social" distancing, it is only physical distancing.

Be safe and send your video!

Orchestra and vocal parts (sheet music)

Full score - conductors

Flauto I


Oboe I

Oboe II

Clarinetto I

Clarinetto II

Fagotto I

Fagotto II

Corno I

Corno II

Corno III

Corno IV

Tromba I

Tromba II

Trombone I

Trombone II

Trombone III




Violino I

Violino II




Vocal Parts

Soprano I
Soprano II
Tenore I
Tenor II

Anyone can join. 

Thank you!

*Tutorials for Singers


Va', pensiero, sull'ali dorate, 

va' ti posa sui clivi, sui colli, 

ove olezzano tepide e molli 

l'aure dolci del suolo natal! 


Del Giordano le rive saluta, 

di Sïonne le torri atterrate... 

Oh mia patria sì bella e perduta! 

Oh membranza sì cara e fatal! 

Arpa d'ôr dei fatidici vati 

perché muta dal salice pendi? 

Le memorie nel petto raccendi, 

ci favella del tempo che fu! 

O simìle di Sòlima ai fati 

traggi un suono di crudo lamento, 

o t'ispiri il signore un concento 

che ne infonda al patire virtù!


Italian pronunciation audio tutorial . This includes first the spoken text, and then each phrase spoken in the rhythm of the music.


Music part tutorials:


Soprano 1 

Soprano 2


Tenor 1

Tenor 2



We found these links online and we just share them here. We do not own these links.

Special thanks to our team @Ethan Schmeisser - Musical Director and Musical Producer @Shai Rosenboim - playback @Riddle Films 

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